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        Unex is determined to build a complete closed
        loop of the commercial EV car industry chain.

        As an innovative technology company, Unex has undergone a transformation from a leading EV car retail and service platform with hundreds of retail service network across the country and nearly RMB 10 billion units order. Unex is aiming to arrive the next future for commercial EV cars by discovering that autonomous battery replacement is the best solution to continuously power supplement, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency.

        We have developed UOTTA cross-platform battery swapping technology, and then a UBS universal battery swapping platform based on this technology. 15 UBS battery swap models and 2 UOTTA autonomous battery swapping stations- Titan station based on trucks & Capsule station based on small commercial/car-hailing vehicles- are planning to be launch in 3 years.

        Unex has the potential to be the global leading C2M intelligent EV car group with the launch of Unex commercial EV cars, autonomous commercial EV cars and the globalization of UOTTA technology.

        Company HQ formed in Shanghai.
        Formed a complete financial service platform; Strong vehicle supply chain established and completed cooperation with major OEMs and automobile dealership groups.
        Offline stores and service network in 8 regions across the country; Financial sectors cross 28 provinces and cities.
        Pre A round funding; Online auto trading platform ready, and combined with offline to carry out all-brand auto sales and all-series auto financial product sales.
        Launched offline maintenance service platform to expand the business of car wash and detailing, quick repairing and insurance; 17,000+ cooperative dealers; A and A+ rounds funding.
        Independent charging piles R&D completed and built a complete “integration of vehicle, pile and network” platform, and start exporting products such as EV cars and charging piles to Southeast Asia.
        Annual 90,000 units order; Built an EV car integrated service platform and industry application solutions to create a scenario-based travel mode;
        Entered a new EV era of battery swapping models + supporting guarantees + user operations by cooperating with 3 major OEMs; B round funding of nearly ¥100 million.
        Launched UOTTA battery swapping technology to adapt to 5 EV models in logistics, mining, ports and other industries launched 5 battery swap models. Unex is a firm practitioner and promoter of the national carbon peak and carbon neutral policy.
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